9 Benefits of Lamination for Businesses

9 Benefits of Lamination for Businesses

Did you know that the United States alone goes through 68,000,000 trees per year to produce paper? Much of this is paper products like plates and cups, but countless pieces of paper are consumed for many purposes. Lamination can help these many pieces of paper stay safer and shine longer.

If you've been looking into lamination services, we're here to help. Here are the nine greatest benefits of using lamination for your paper.

1. Sturdier Documents

Paper is a flimsy, thin material, and that can lead to issues with how sturdy your documents are. Printing out an important document on flimsy, low-quality paper is never an ideal choice.

With lamination, even low-quality paper becomes much easier to use. Your papers will hold up to handling and use for much longer as well. Lamination can also help prevent ink and colors from fading on older documents.

2. Protect Important Papers

When you're just printing out a basic flyer or something you don't intend to keep, you might not care about protecting it. But when you're using documents that you need to keep safe, lamination is essential.

It's common for important documents to have lamination for protection. Items like your social security card or birth certificate are good options to laminate, for example. Doing so will help make it so that they last longer in storage and are easier to find when it comes time to use them.

3. Better Presentation

At times, you want to have your document pop. Maybe it's for advertising or for an important presentation with your company.

Whatever the case, laminating your documents can help immensely with your appearance. You'll impress your customers with a shiny, well-maintained document and make your presentation pop to everyone who sees it.

4. Reusable Items

Speaking of people seeing your document, what about when it's used? You've likely had plenty of situations where you had to print out another copy because the paper was torn, ripped, soaked, or just faded out of use.

Lamination can help make an item more reusable with the protection it offers. Training materials, for example, are often laminated so that new employees can use them over and over.

Menus are another item that people will usually want laminated instead of being bare paper. Some restaurants use smaller paper menus due to quick changes being made and the menu constantly evolving. For any paper item that you intend to reuse, lamination can help prolong its lifespan.

5. Easier to Store

Storing paper is a more difficult task than most of us expect it to be. While you can leave stacks of blank copy paper out, organizing and storing unlaminated paper documents is trickier.

By laminating your paper, you can make it much sturdier and able to stand up to the elements. Moisture in a room won't pose as much of a threat, and the papers will be easier to store individually. Storing is especially easy in filing cabinets and other areas where the papers are stackable.

Lamination will also prevent papers from getting bunched up and pushed together. When you throw a bunch of loose pieces of paper into storage, edges and corners may get crimped while the rest is damaged and ruined. Lamination can help make these parts of the paper sturdier and storage easier.

6. Cost-Effective

One of the many reasons some may avoid lamination is that they don't feel like the cost could be worth it. However, laminating your paper is much more cost-effective than leaving it unlaminated.

Because laminated papers are much more reusable, you'll save more money on ink, paper, and other printing supplies. You'll also be able to avoid needing to make more trips to your local printers.

Lamination also isn't as expensive as many think. When laminating in bulk, many services will offer a discount or deal with the amount. The cost is often only pennies per page, making it much cheaper than purchasing the supplies needed to continuously reprint the things you need.

7. More Professional Appearance

Nothing feels less impressive to a client than receiving a single piece of loose paper. Lamination can help to make the appearance of your materials significantly more professional.

To a client, lamination shows that you care enough about your materials to protect and preserve them. That will make your materials seem more important to your client as well. It's a quick and easy way to make your documentation stand out for clients without having to invest in flashy graphic design or other methods.

8. Takes No Time

Something that keeps people from laminating is that they believe it to be a time-consuming process. However, lamination is actually time-efficient and one that you can usually get done without taking much extra time.

If you know that you want your documents laminated when you're printing them, you can usually have a printing service laminate them right away. Doing so makes it so that the documents are ready to go when they're ready to be picked up without any extra process.

If you have other documents that you want laminated, it often won't take long. Depending on the printing services around you, you can often have lamination done in a single day.

9. Better Color

One final perk of lamination is that it will help to preserve the color in your documents. Papers with infographics or print-outs of artistic pieces are often laminated for this reason.

Lamination helps to prevent light damage from lowering the quality of colors on paper. Doing so will keep your documents fresh and lower your need to reprint new copies to replace faded ones.

The Undeniable Benefits of Using Lamination

Lamination is one of the most effective tools you can have in the average business. Whether you're preserving important documents, improving the look of your flyers, or protecting your menus, lamination can help keep your documents safe.

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