Business Privacy: Strategic Advantages of a Mailbox Rental

Business Privacy: Strategic Advantages of a Mailbox Rental

More and more people are beginning their own home business every day. The freedom and flexibility to work online, from home, or in a coffee shop, is very fulfilling.

And in the beginning, there isn't much that you need other than a computer and an internet connection. But as your business grows, and you start getting mail and packages, you're going to quickly find that having everything sent to and from your home is a hassle.

That's why individuals running small businesses out of their homes should consider mailbox rental. On top of making it easy to organize and separate business communication from personal mail, renting a mailbox from a trusted local provider will improve both personal and business privacy. 

If you are running your own business, then keep reading to see how you can protect private information while still making it easy to manage incoming and outgoing mail. 

No More Publishing Your Home Address

When you run a business out of your home, from your computer, or as a local service provider, you'll find that you need to list your business address in many different places.

For example, if you are a local contractor or house cleaner, you'll want to show up in local Google searches. But in order for your business to pop up, you'll need to display your address.

Rather than displaying your home address to the world, keep it private by using a rented mailbox. That way, you can take advantage of search results as a local service provider. 

Then, even if you move to a new house in the same area, you can keep your business address the same, skipping the hassle of changing your address on all your business materials. 

Keep Business Packages Safe

Regardless of what type of business you have, you're going to need to send and receive packages at some point or another. However, business package delivery to your home address can be troublesome.

For one, if you are away from home, having packages left out front of your home all day can lead to package theft. In fact, the instances of porch theft are growing each year

There's also no need to let neighbors and passersby know that you run a business, as this can lead to your home being targeted by thieves. They might assume you have expensive equipment in the home if it's obvious that you receive a lot of commercial parcels.

If you ever have valuable packages incoming, it might be best to have them sent to a rented mailbox, which will be able to safely receive packages all day long. Mailbox rental facilities also offer secure package storing, so if you can pick up your package right away, you know that it's safe until you can pick it up. 

And a rented mailbox is much better for package delivery than a PO box. Since PO boxes are offered by USPS, they generally only accept and store packages shipped by USPS.

With a rented mailbox, your provider will receive and store packages from all major couriers. 

Email Marketing Laws and Privacy

If you engage in any type of email marketing, then you are probably aware of the requirements to disclose your address at the bottom of any business-related emails you send.

Not aware of this? The law comes from the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 as a way to protect consumers and fight spam.

Anytime you send a mass email newsletter, you are required to disclose your physical postal address. That poses a problem for those who work from home, as that means you might need to use your home address.

Now that's not too safe, is it? You don't want hundreds if not, thousands of people knowing exactly where you live, right?

Luckily, by law, you are allowed to use either a PO box or the address of a rented mailbox instead of your home address. So if your business is engaged in any form of email marketing, this alone is reason enough to rent a local business mailbox. 

Mailbox Rentals Come With an Actual Street Address

Have you ever considered getting a PO box? They are better than having mail sent to your house, however, they are limited in the privacy benefits that they add.

For example, PO boxes are not considered legal street addresses. That means that you can't use a PO box on official paperwork. So you'll still be left inputting your home address on my business-related forms, exposing your personal address to more and more people and entities.

Instead, a rented mailbox provides you with an actual, legal street address. It's your own address that can be used on any type of legal or marketing paperwork.

You can use it to create important accounts, such as bank or loan accounts, as well as use it on legal documents for your business.

Your One-Stop Mailbox Rental and Business Service Center

Even if you run an online business, there comes a time when you have to actually print stuff out, send documents through the postal service, and sign important paperwork.

At FAS Postal Services, we don't only offer convenient mailbox rentals, but we offer all the business services you might need. We offer fast and easy printing services, so you don't have to worry about troublesome printers at home.

We also offer quick lamination and shredding services, to once again protect your private information. And we are an authorized notary. That means you can have important documents such as loans or legal documents certified, all while you are picking up your business mail on the way home. 

So if you run your own business that needs an external mailbox, such as a home-based business, a virtual company, or even a brick-and-mortar business that has trouble receiving mail or packages, rent a mailbox with FAS Postal Services today.

Digital nomads also love renting a mailbox with us, as they can maintain a local, physical street address here in Allen, Texas while they are traveling for long periods of time. 

Don't Compromise Privacy

Now that you know why mailbox rental is so important to your personal and business privacy, it's time to signup for your new mailbox today. There's no reason to continue having mail business mail sent to your home address. And there's no reason to continue using your personal address on business websites and in marketing newsletters.

Maintain your privacy by renting a local Texas mailbox with FAS Postal Services today