The Pros and Cons of a Rental Mailbox for Your Business

The Pros and Cons of a Rental Mailbox for Your Business

At least 42% of direct mail recipients scanned or read the pieces they received. They also spent 28% more money from businesses than those who didn't receive the same pieces.

The power of the written word will make you immediately want to send out marketing materials, but what if you don't already have a mailbox to send them out from?

Read on to learn the pros and cons of a rental mailbox.


A business has mailbox options that range from a box on the street to a PO Box from UPS. They're all worthwhile ways to send mail, but a rental mailbox has several advantages.

Getting a Mailing Address

The major benefit of a rental mailbox is that it gives your business an official street address. This is true whether you run it from your home, your computer, or a building.

The address gives customers a clear way to contact you. They'll be able to find you more easily and know where to send packages. Having an address that shows up online also improves your SEO, making you appear first in online searches.

There's even a legal reason why you need a mailing address. Every business is required to include their address at the bottom of any business-related emails or paperwork. If you work from home and don't want to share where you live, you can use the location of your business mailbox instead.

Extra Services

A mailbox rental service does more than provide you with a mailbox. It may provide additional services such as:

  • Mail holding and forwarding
  • Printing
  • Lamination
  • Shredding
  • Document certification

This frees up time that you'd otherwise have to spend on these annoying tasks. It also allows you to stay mobile while your packages always go to the same place. They can even be delivered to a secure location if you're far away for an extended period or even delivered directly to you.


The average value of a stolen package is $136, and the average amount spent on security measures to prevent this is $191 per package. 33% of customers believe the location of the package and how easy it was to grab is part of the reason it was taken.

Renting is one of the most secure mailbox options. It lets you store packages from all major couriers. This keeps them from being put out in the open to be taken. You also won't have to tempt criminals by showing your address to the world.

Extra Storage

Mailing packages or letters involves so much more than having a mailbox. You'll also need to stock up on essential materials such as:

  • Labels
  • Paper
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Files

They clog up your business, but moving them to the location of your rental mailbox can be a massive relief. It's especially important when you work out of your home and need enough room to live your life while you're not working.

Professional Image

Renting a mailbox for your business makes it seem more professional. Customers will feel confident knowing that it has a real address.

They'll be able to see you on Google Maps, giving them a physical impression of what your business looks like. Search engines will also get a better impression of you and give you a better ranking.

This improved image means more business for you, especially if you cultivate it with on-time orders and other reputable business practices. Only 52% of customers cite high levels of trust in a brand, but those that do spend 25% more on their products or services.


A rental mailbox service has enough benefits to make them worth it, but there are reasons that not every business has one. They're not always easy to find, afford, or navigate.


It may be difficult to find a mailbox rental service. Small or lesser-known towns don't always have a company that offers them. The only local options may be other types of mailboxes such as P.O. boxes.

If there is more than one local option, you'll have to take the time to research them all. Not all of them are reputable, and some may not offer the services you need.

You'll need to go through the entire process again if you decide that your current mailbox rental service isn't working out and switch to another one. This means you'll have to do more research and get a new mailing address that you'll have to put on all your marketing materials.


A rental mailbox has plenty of benefits and a high return on investment. The issue is that it requires a higher initial investment than many other options.

Small businesses have to carve out a large portion of their budget to rent a mailbox. It may be more than they can afford, forcing them into one of the cheaper options.

Rules and Regulations

There are several laws about how you can pick up and send your mail, such as how you need to put your address on all marketing emails. Make sure that you understand all of them, even if you need to hire a lawyer to do so.

A mailbox rental service can add on almost any other rules and regulations they want unless the law tells them not to. For example, they can decide how long to hold your mail. Make sure to spend extra time reading through all of the fine lines in their contracts before you sign up with them.

Where to Get a Rental Mailbox

A rental mailbox allows your business to easily take advantage of all methods of direct mail advertising. Your customers will appreciate having a location to send and receive mail from, but you can keep your actual address private. Your packages will stay safe there while you free up time and storage space.

Renting a mailbox is more expensive than getting a simple P.O. box. Finding one and navigating its regulations can also be a bit complicated.

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